The day my Granny got her wings.

On January 27th, 2011 my sweet Granny went to heaven. Most already know the story, and I definately don't have it in me tonight to re live it through my words, so I'll just say that I'm missing her. ALOT. Alot more than I realized that I would. She was my first Grand-parent to pass away. & Honestly, I have never felt any pain like that. She was a beauty, that's for sure. Her eyes were blue as the skies, and she used to clip her hair back in the front. I always loved that! Her smile could light up any room, and she was sweet as can be. She went through more than I could say or even imagine, five feet of conrete, and PURE SUGAR!. She loved her babies without a doubt. As well as her grandbabies. Lord knows she lived for us kids, she may not have gotten our names right everytime, but she knew who we were. <3 Every sunday for years, we would have what we called Granny day. Which consisted of us going out to eat, going to shopping to get her "tights," and then going to the nursing home to visit for a few hours. My parents did this for years, and I regret the sundays that I didnt go, whether it was because I didnt want Travis to catch an illness, or the selfish fact that I would'nt wake up early enough. I hate myself for that..
Now on some Sunday's we have a little Granny day & go visit her grave. Take her some flowers, clean up the leaves & straighten everything out. We talk to her. We know she can hear us. 
I want to share a little story about my nephew Kaleb when we go visit Granny at the cemetary. There is a small little grave right behind my Granny's, Thomas Brantley to be exact. We didn't know him, or his family, but he was four, and passed away back in the seventies. Well, everytime we go there, Kaleb knows that he was four, just as he is, and he goes and talks to him. He calls him "tommy," and says he's playing with him. It is SO moving.
I love going to the cemetary. I know that she really isn't there, but it's so very peaceful. Awhile back when she fell, and was hospitalized, she told my mother that she didnt know why "he" [God] didn't just take her. I can't remember what my mom replied back with, but she is with him now. I can just see her with her big beautiful wings. I know she's up there with her husband watching in awe at the family they created. I know they're proud. 

Her Beautiful Headstone that just arrived last week! Gorgeous!

"And I bless the day I met you, And I thank God that he let you, stay beside me for a moment that lives on. And the good news is I'm better for the time we spent together, and the bad news is..your gone."